Earthgrad Regalia

EarthGrad™ is an Industry exclusive offering and is the optimal choice for sustainable caps, gowns, and academic attire for all universities and colleges.

EarthGrad gowns are unique and the only one of its kind to be fully sustainable and certified as being manufactured from 100% recycled materials. The fabric has a luxurious, soft, woven hand with a matte finish – meaning your gown attire is is enjoyable and luxurious to wear.

When you choose EarthGrad, you are making an earth-friendly and environmentally conscious choice.  By choosing EarthGrad, you are positively impacting the environment by:

·      Saving the equivalent of 74 bottles from the landfill.

·      Mitigating the effects of Global Warming by using fewer than 3.9 lbs of CO2 emissions or greenhouse gas.

·      Save the energy equivalent to 1.25 gallons of gas.

EarthGrad fabric is certified as being manufactured from 100% recycled materials. By using these materials, you generate demand for recycled materials, create jobs and reduce the amount of materials that go into landfills.

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With our commitment to sustainability, all black academic custom attire are manufactured in EarthGrad.

Want to see more sustainable efforts from Herff Jones? Check out our Environmental Commitment.